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Wonderful Success Stories

People Who Have Met Through Partners & Friends
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Success Stories! It is so imprtant to let others know that happiness can be found in the friends you make through Partners and Friends!

Jo and Robin xx

Matt & Sonia first met on our Vietnam Trip in December 2009. They enjoyed 17 wonderful days exploring Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, getting to know each other and now sharing their lives together.

David & Kathy were introduced through Exclusive Dating. They have been together 12 months, they are planning a trip to Borneo in April 2011.

John & Sue met on Sue's first event at the Mix'n'Mingle evening On The Terrace in Claremont 30th July 2010. They are now planning to buy a home and looking forward to a wonderful life ahead together

Allison & Mark (Met Dec 2010 at the New Year's Eve Ball at The Parmelia Hilton Hotel)

Bob & Laureen (Met Oct 2010 at the Soprano's Dinner) They have announced their engagment and are getting married October 2011. Congratulations!

Kevin & Ute (Met Oct 10 at the Golf Party) They are very happy together!

Ross & Phong (Met Aug 10 at the Mundaring Bush Walk event)

Tom & Farrah (Met May 08) They married 12th June 2010

Kathy & David (Met Feb 10 through Exclusivie Dating)

Laurie & Judy (Met at the Xmas Party 2009)

Anne Marie & Gerry (Met June 09 through Exclusive Dating)

Graeme & Keryn (Met August 09 through Exclusive Dating)

Greg & Catherine (Met at Salt on the Beach in January 09)

Andrew and Jenny (Met at Tsunami Restaurant in August 09 and are dating)

Kevin and Paula (Met through Exclusive Dating in May 09 for a dinner date at the C Restaurant and are extremely happy)

Dan and Deborah (Met through Exclusive Dating & very happy together)

Andrew and Diane (Met at Darlington Estate Winery)

Ian and Brigitte (Met at Havanas 09)

John and Kathy (Met at our Darlington Estate Winery event 09)

Keith and Rosemary (Met through Personal Profiles, announced their engagement Sat 6th September 2008 & married Sun 5th July 2009!)

Peter and Kate (met at Matilda Bay BBQ 09)

Paul and Pauline (met at Sitella Winery in August 08)

Darryl and Liz (Met on their 1st date through Exclusive Dating)

Gary and Sally (In the 2nd year of their relationship - met at Black Toms Jan 2007)

Janette & Jim (Met through our sister website "Find Love In Life" and have married!)

Seb and Anita (Met at our Christmas Party Dec 08)

Rod and Janice (Met at our Midori event May 08)

Peter and Christaine (Met at our Meads cocktail party Jan 09 and are in love...)

Garry and Gae (Met at Black Toms in May 2008. Away in Hawaii on holiday together!)

Ray and Kate (Met at our Lyrebird event Oct 08 and danced so wonderfully together all night long!)
Bruce and Michelle (Met our Raffles event in Nov 07 they are so very happy together!)

Alan and Karen (Just returned from a wonderful trip to Bali!)

Rob and Pat (have moved in together)

Arthur and Marie (Met at our Madori Japanese dinner in May 08)

John and Bev (Met through our golf lessons)

Greg and Stella (Also met through our golf lessons)

Ian and Karen (Met at our Xmas party and have bought a home together in 2006)

Merv and Lena (Met at our Cristmas Party Dec 07 for the first time, she then called me and asked me for his number of which he was delighted to give, they have been together happily ever since....)

Richard and Viv

Richard and Natalie - (Met through our Personal Profiles)

Paul and Kaye - (Met at the AFL grand final lunch September 2007 & now engaged and planning their wedding in March, 2010)

Alan and Karen (Met through Members Personal Profiles)-they have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Bali.

Paul and Suzanne - (Married and have bought a beautiful property in Tasmania where they plan to live happily ever after!)

Robert and Ann - (Married)

Patrick and Alison - (Met on our Australia Day Cruise to Carnac Island)

Greg and Jenny - (Married at the Civic Centre Cottesloe Jan 05 (it was a very speciai day) and have spent these past years been touring the world together)

Chris and Joy - (Married and now live in NZ and have had their first baby... a gorgeous little girl!)

Michael and Rosie - (Announced their engagement at our Xmas Party Dec 07 and are now happily married)

Chas and Linda (Have moved in together)

Robert and Amanda

Colin and Nicky

Neville & Kaye (Married)

Gary & Rhonda

Robert and Patricia

Keith and Rosemary (Met through Personal Profiles and announced their engagement Sat 6th September 2008!)

Kim and Christina (Met at our rooftop party in December of 2006. Engaged to be married a date to be set, as they have been travelling the world together.)

John and Kathryn

Dale and Karen

Jacqui and Steve (met through Personal Profiles)

Des and Abby ( met at our Trivia night August 08)

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